The Tapestry Room

CT-tapestryroompageheaderThere is a beautiful and very large building in the spirit realm that looks much like a cathedral.  The walls in the hallways of this cathedral are lined with precious stones like emeralds, rubies and crystals that shine with their own Light.  There is a library there filled with books and scrolls and all types of manuscripts.  There is a beautiful light streaming in illuminating the the room.  It’s made of gold, silver and precious stones, but they all reflect light so you can read.  The whole building seems to be made of this wondrous material.

In the library there is a beautiful corridor with walls that look like lapis and marble.  At the end of the corridor is a big doorway which takes you into the Tapestry Room.

This is a very honored place.  There is a wonderful aroma in the air.  It smells like a combination of a fresh breeze tinged with salt and perfumes from a garden.  It’s almost like incense.  It’s a beautiful room and it’s very, very tall.  It goes up for maybe a hundred feet.  The ceiling has a rounded point like a church nave.  There are windows at the top of it and on either side of the walls.  They’re up high and they light up the room.  The walls and the floor seem to be made of marble.  There is some heavy furniture at different intervals, like groups of chairs and tables opposite the tapestry.  The guardian of the room says sometimes teachers bring their students here to explain the wonders and intricacies of the tapestry to them.  

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The Tapestry runs along the left-hand wall and the light coming in from the windows shines on it.  The Tapestry is huge.  It seems about 20 to 25 feet high and the length seems to go on forever – maybe a mile or more.  The Tapestry is beautiful.  It’s metallic; made of medal threads and they’re just gorgeous.  They glimmer and shine — and it looks like it breathes.  It’s like it is alive – it undulates and sparkles.  Some of the strands glisten and others are kind of dull.  It actually is like a living thing, but it’s not frightening; it’s beautiful.  There are all different types of threads — it’s glorious.  It has many different designs, such as wild contemporary patterns, Oriental designs or Native American arrangements.  Nothing on Earth could ever be compared to it.  There is just no way to describe how glorious this is, because it’s so vibrant it’s almost electric.  The guardian of the room says that each thread represents a life — an eternal design and you can see the world beyond that.  As you look through the Tapestry you can see people’s daily lives and any event that has ever taken place.

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Many who are still in human form come to view this Tapestry as a work of art and has sometimes been an inspiration for artists who are skilled in painting, sculpture and the textile arts.  Souls come in the astral state when they dream and others come while they’re traveling within the soul worlds when they use meditation, astral projection or hypnosis.
The guardian explains that every life that has ever been lived is represented as a thread in this Tapestry.  This is where all the threads of human life are connected.  It illustrates perfectly how each life is interwoven, crossing and touching all other lives until eventually all of humanity is affected.  The absolute oneness of humanity is represented by the Tapestry.  It is one but composed of all these many parts.  Each cannot exist without the other and they all intertwine and influence each other.

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This Tapestry eventually ends in Godhood where it’s all brightness. It all leads to this beautiful Light.

From “Conversations with Nostradamus” by Dolores Cannon