“O’ Great Spirit whose voice we hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the World…hear us”.

The Redwood Trees are the guardians of the Medicine Blanket Meditation. These Majestic Trees are here to support us ~ giving us strength, courage and keeping us well grounded as their roots weave deep into Mother Earth.

Ask for the Spirit of a Redwood Tree to be with you, and as you start your meditation…lean back against your Redwood Tree and feel the Joy and the Peace as its branches cradle you.

Now we close our eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. The Portal from which the Medicine Blankets will flow through is in position and wide open.

Another deep breath…as we come from our hearts, we raise our hands with palms facing up. Our way of inviting the Medicine Blankets to come through, one at a time, completely enfolding Beloved Mother Earth. With our eyes still closed we see a mist of blue weaving through the portal and filling the area surrounding you. This is the First Medicine Blanket which is Sapphire Blue and holds the colors, symbols and energy of the Divine Qualities of God’s Will, Power, Faith, Protection and God’s First Cause of Perfection…and see it now weaving out and enfolding Mother Earth.
The portal now fills with a brightness as the Second Medicine Blanket is Yellow-Gold, holding the colors, symbols and energy of the Divine Qualities of Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Illumination, Understanding and Perception…illuminating and enfolding Mother Earth.

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With our Hearts filled with Love, we see the Third Medicine Blanket which is a Crystalline Pink holding the color, symbols & energy of the Divine Qualities of Transfiguring Divine Love, Acceptance, Adoration & Reverence for all life…and from our hearts we smile as we see it flow into and around ever heart of every being on Earth. We are loving all life free.
The Fourth Medicine Blanket is Pure White. Pure White holds the color, symbols and energy of Purity and Ascenion…and completely enfolds Mother Earth.
See and embrace the Fifth Medicine Blanket which is a beautiful Emerald Green. This Blanket weaves the color, symbols and energy of Truth and Healing to Earth ~ All Beings and all Kingdoms on Earth…and is now enfolded around Mother Earth.
The Sixth Medicine Blanket is a Ruby-Gold. Ruby-Gold holds the colors, symbols and energy of the Divine Qualities of Ministering Grace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Peace, and the Christ Made Manifest…and with Grace cradles and enfolds Mother Earth.
The Seventh Medicine Blanket is Violet. We can see and sense the Violet Medicine Blanket flowing through the Portal – pulsating with the Divine Qualities of Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Victory, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation and God’s Infinite Perfection.

Take another deep breath and lean back into your Redwood Tree ~ enfolded in the tree’s love for you.
The Eighth Medicine Blanket is Aquamarine. Aquamarine holds the color, symbols and energy of the Divine Qualities of Clarity, Lucidity, Divine Perception and Discernment…and weaves with perfect Clarity as it enfolds Beloved Earth.

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The Ninth Medicine Blanket is a beautiful and radiant Magenta. Magenta carries the color, symbols and energy of Harmony, Balance, Assurance and Confidence…and with tones of Harmony enfolds Earth.
The Tenth Medicine Blanket is a brilliant Gold. The Golden Medicine Blanket holds the color, symbols and energy of Eternal Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, and God’s Supply of all Good Things…and weaves in and around Mother Earth.
The Eleventh Medicine Blanket is Peach…and with our hearts filled with joy we bask in the color, symbols and energy of Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm and Joy as it enfolds Earth.
The TWELFTH Medicine Blanket is a Glistening OPAL – holding the color, symbols & energy of Transformation and Transfiguration. It reflects all colors as it beautifully enfolds our Beloved Mother Earth.
The Medicine Blankets are now in place and in perfect Divine Order.
See the thousand’s upon thousands of threads held within the Sacred Medicine Blankets weave through Father Sky, into and around every Continent and Island…into every body of water, every crevice and opening on Earth – to the core of the Mother Earth.
With Love and Grace see the Threads weave into every dwelling, school, house of worship, place of employment and place of slavery, into every hospital, care facility and mental institution, every facility of incarceration and imprisonment, and to every battlefield.
Now coming from grace and unconditional love, see the Sacred threads weave around and through every office, facility or gathering where government decisions are made.
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To every man, woman and child…to all Beings on Earth…the Elemental Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, to all Kingdoms on Earth.

With the assistance of the Redwood Trees we have felt well grounded in Mother Earth. And with the strength of the Redwood Tree still supporting us, we slowly open our eyes to see Rainbows of Colors weaving around us.

The Spirit of the Redwood Tree that has supported you, will continue to be with you. Ask at any time for its strength, courage and eternal peace as you continue to walk your Journey on Earth.

And as we take a couple of deep breaths and again raise our hands… blessing the Medicine Blankets …and expressing our Love and gratitude to the Beings of Lights…“thank you”
By Carole Thomas
Copyright in process for MBM

Preferred Music ~ “Walk On” by Gary Malkin
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