Move beyond anger, fear and the illness it creates
Embrace your passions and dreams to see the
Beauty of life and the beauty of who you truly are
Experience the Light and Love of God

carole-smiling-2Carole Thomas, Administrator, Teacher and Facilitator:

  • Stop the cycle of old patterns, thoughts and phobias
  • Release addictions, dependencies and insecurities
  • Weave in new threads of wisdom to awaken your Spirit, your Soul and live the vision of your Heart

 I was born, raised, and educated in Sacramento, California.  My life was my University and my learning process to put me in a perfect position to receive the gift of Tapestry.  All of my experiences and challenges were the keys to my knowledge.  In the 1990’s I started to receive visions of beautiful Tapestries.  I have always had a love of color, texture, and design and the visions filled me with joy and curiosity.

 With the visions and the unfolding wisdom, I started to facilitate sessions in 1992.  

In the Spring of 2000 I had a life changing experience.  I walked the beautiful white steps to the Light, and merged with my perfection and my soul’s work.  I became One with all that is and Tapestry became an open golden book of knowledge.  I continue to receive information on the Areas Of Focus and the gift’s to facilitate Tapestry sessions.  

Tapestry is a bridge to the Light, restoring the beautiful and natural balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit. This is my path, TAPESTRY ~ The Joy of My Journey ~